butterflyco (butterflyco) wrote in lesbian_hotties,

The Battle Goes To Middle America

Meet In Middle In light of last week’s California Supreme Court decision to uphold Prop 8, one grassroots and netroots organization launched a new campaign to target “middle American” values in the middle of California, Fresno. The event, Meet in the Middle, took place Saturday, May 30th at the City Hall in Fresno.

The event was organized by Courage Campaign, a group promoting activism and has previously taken up causes such as delaying wage cuts to stare employees and voters’ rights. Their “Meet in the Middle” campaign, recognizing that the campaign for marriage equality has to be fought city by city across the country and not just in places like San Francisco and New York, is organizing an event in a town whose attitudes toward LGBT issues are similar to those of the nation at large. In towns like Fresno, Courage Campaign can target communities that have been neglected by the GLBT movement and engage and empower local gays and lesbians that haven’t relocated to progressive meccas.

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